I don’t really remember what I did the night before my wedding.

I’m a dude, so it probably involved some combination of Soi 19 wantan mee, YouTube videos, potato chips, and texting my bros about when they should come over for beer in the morning.

Brides, on the other hand, probably have a loooooot of stuff to do. I know, because Brides.com has a list of 19 Things to Remember To Do The Night Before Your Wedding. This includes pearls of wisdom like “wash your hair” and “practise deep yoga-like breaths”. (Sorry, this was too hilarious not to share).

I’ve always wondered what a typical Singaporean bride does before her wedding. Does she sleep after dinner because she has to wake up at 3am? Does she stay up with their jiemeis preparing the poison food for the qiang xin niang?

(Note: In case you don’t know what a qiang …