It has been some time since I talked about any counter. So I decided to talk about a counter I recently purchased. Before I go into the details of the counter, let me explain what had happened recently.

Gain of 30% within 3 Months

Based mainly on the recommendation of the Ultimate Scorecard, I purchased Miyoshi Limited at $0.066 in August 2017 without going as in-depth as I wanted to.

At the end of Oct 2017, I sold all of Miyoshi Limited at $0.085 per share – a 30% gain within 3 months.

I understand I told many that the Ultimate Scorecard required users to hold at least 4 months, but if you already had enough gain, why not just sell it? 

Change of Investment Strategy

I have also posted on InvestingNote recently that I made some observations of my portfolio.

At last count, my overall gain …