On Monday and Tuesday, I’ve participated with an Hackathon-like event called IdeaSmash (organized by my company). The idea is to let the employees experience the start-up process (from ideation to pitching the idea to the judges, yes, it’s a competition too) and along the way pick-up the design thinking skill.
It’s an eye-opening experience and an action-packed one as well. It’s chaotically fun! Within the 36 hours, we are literally created SOMETHING (at least the prototype) from NOTHING. There are 10 teams in total and we (from the Football Kakis team of four) managed to pleasantly surprise even ourselves to clinch the champion spot for this maiden event.
Personally, the experience and knowledge that we gained from this event outweigh the prize itself. Some of the key learning points are:
1. Idea generation is easy, the tough part is generating the idea that the potential customers/users care about …