Our portfolio grew by 6.76% to $286,449 – $8,217.65 of capital injection and around $9,925.66 of capital growth! I got to say the whole of October has been a really good month for property, construction and REIT stocks which form majority of our portfolio :)

There is a lot of activities this month!

– Saizen REIT (8,900 units) @ $0.03223 (Delisted – P&L: $3,184.64)
– Sing Holdings (4,400 units) @ $0.47 (P&L: $321.04)
– Wee Hur (5,000 units) @ $0.285 (P&L: -$313.21)
– Croesus Retail Trust (6,801 units) @ $1.17 (Delisted – P&L: $3,339.89)

Saizen REIT was one of our first investment in REIT and we have been holding on to it for about 3 years. I was hoping the reverse takeover would happen but it did not. The huge loss in P&L is because when it got bought over, it distributed its capital in the form of dividends last year. Overall, we made an absolute +39.9% from it and an annualized return …