Dear readers, both Keppel Corp stock and Sembcorp stock have been chalking good gains in recent trading weeks. So going forward, which would make for a better investing proposition? We have the low-down of the comparison between the two stocks below.
1) Price-to-Book ratio: 1.159 (KC) vs 0.854 (SC)

2) Dividend Yield: 2.63% (KC) vs 2.12% (SC)

3) P/E ratio: 16.272 (KC) vs 18.91(SC)

4) Upside: -3.30% (KC based on $7.357 target price) vs 6.42% (SC based on $3.512 target price)

5) Largest shareholder: Temasek (KC: 20.48% vs SC: 49.45%)

6) Stock price (3 Nov 2017) vs 52-week low: 43.66% (KC) vs 29.90% (SC)

Based on the above comparison, which of the two stocks would make for a better investing proposition?

My preference will be Sembcorp stock. Based on the numbers above, Sembcorp Industries is undervalued …