I would like to apologize for the email outage for the last three days. I have finally fixed the issue. All emails should be operating as usual from now on. Below is the reason why I had to manually activate accounts for new sign ups and why no daily market update emails were sent.

The Short Version

– My hosting provider, DigitalOcean, decided to block my SMTP port (needed for sending email)
without notice or warning.

– I realized StocksCafe could not send emails on Sunday morning.

– At first, I thought I configured something wrong. Spent my entire Sunday googling, searching, and trying different ways to fix it.

– After trying many different approaches and reading numerous articles, I started to suspect it is on DigitalOcean’s side.

– Opened a ticket requesting assistance.

– 5 hours later, got a reply from them saying something along the line of “Yes, …