It’s a crypto meme, but I thought I’d just use it since I’ve gone full crypto-retard anyway, hue hue.

So I see that now at market ATHs, some markets are showing bad signs, especially with junk bonds leading the way, the usual leading indicator.

I seriously hope that these cracks really lead to what I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I am a financial asshole.

The stock market is a ridiculous shit show for the last few years that I had been forced to play with. I hated playing it, but there was no other game in town…. that I knew of.

Insane valuations for so many stupid companies. SNAP FREAKING CHAT? TWITTER? GO “CAMERA ON A STIK” PRO? I can’t even. It’s an insult to my intelligence. The whole US stock market is an entire joke.

Bitcoin is a bubble? Please, look at the damn US stock market and tell …