Manulife US REIT announced their 3rd quarter 2017 results last week.

The 3rd quarter result factored in some of the rental earnings they earned from the acquisition of 500 Plaza in the New Jersey Suburbs.

There have been quite a fair bit of activities with Manulife, so it might be rather challenging to visualize what is the dividend yield when all these acquisitions are accounted for.

This is my short notes on that.

Recall that there have been 2 major purchases:

  1. 500 Plaza Drive by way of share placement to institutional investors and small amount of debts. Property is valued at US$116 mil
  2. 10 Exchange Place by way of a rights issue of 300 new units at US$0.695 and probably US$124 mil in debt. Property is valued at US$330 mil

500 Plaza Drive was purchased on 20 July, and so the 3rd quarter result shows 70 days of rental …