Just a week ago, I wrote a post regarding the Alt-mageddon that was happening at the time – BTC was heading higher into the fork and alt coins were languishing badly. My final conclusion? Alts were cheap, and they should be bought, rather than chasing BTC at all time highs.

One week on, and what do we get? A perfect bottom call, hehe.

Just a sample of 4 of the alts that are quite popular: OMG, PAY, LTC and ETH.

At that point of time, BTC was at 6,800 and now we are back at 6,800 again. I did say “…BTC can easily blow past $7,000 and hit maybe 8k…” and we actually did go all the way up to $7,950.

The call-off of the fork is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Current crypto traders would now all be leaving BTC to go into extremely …