In case you haven’t noticed, I have recently changed the feel and look of my SRS blog. I have also decided, for my own sanity, to have only two blogs from now on … (instead of 5 blogs covering different topics from trading to traveling previously).

Streamlining of blogs


The Singapore IPOs blog will continue to write about IPO stuff but the SRS blog will evolve into a personal finance and lifestyle blog (to attract more advertising dollars perhaps? ????)… and I will stop updating the other blogs (which I haven’t been doing anyway ????)

Here comes the first “lifestyle” blog post  for the November!

Miles Junkie

Due to my frequent traveling, I consider myself to be a miles junkie, i.e collecting Krisflyer miles (“KF Miles”) in whatever ways possible… ✈️ … so what are the possible ways to collect miles?

Tip 1 – Choose a Credit Card that …