This will be my first post on cryptocurrency in this blog. The past few days had been a big turmoil to the crypto world with the emerging Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surging from the USD 600 range to USD 2,400 range. Can you imagine this?

Let’s take a look at the chart shall we?

This also means if you’d to purchase 1BCH a week ago, at a 600 USD. Cashing out earlier today at 2,000 USD will means that your return is a whooping 333.33%!! Impressive isn’t it?

Hold on there.. Before knowing what BCH, BTC, ETH and etc. is, let’s first understand what cryptocurrency is. Today, I’ll be touching briefly on the introductory to what on earth cryptocurrency is.

1. So what is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is the magical unicorn from the 21st century? Oh no. Magical internet money? No..?
Ok.. Jokes aside. Cryptocurrency is a “digital asset” or virtual currency that uses cryptography