Ae we approach December, it is about time you receive your year-end bonus. While the bonus may come in handy for your year-end getaway or to throw a massive New Year party, we believed that there might be ways to put the money to better use.

We approach some of Singapore’s top finance bloggers on their input and advice on what can Singaporeans do with their year-end bonus.

What does Seedly’s Personal Finance Community say?

Before we open the floor to the finance bloggers, we asked the same question in our Personal Finance community and here are some of the best answers:

Investing in myself to upgrade and stay employable! Otherwise, I would drop some into either S-REITs or P2P lending. – Chen Zhirong Top up your SRS account to save on taxes, be able to invest, and have slightly more flexibility than CPF SA. – Dinesh Dayani