Wealth: Deconstructing a complex subject

In the course of interacting with our Singapore Personal Finance community, we realise that one of the most important benchmarks that many people have is most often – wealth. More specifically, the current lack thereof and the perennial question on ‘How do I become wealthy?’.

While there is obviously no one clear path to ‘wealth’, there are certain traits that are seen in most self-made wealthy people. These indicators are based on research and studies which I will also quote in the article below. At the end of the article, we will share 3 ways recommended by our community to begin on your path to get better financially.

TL;DR: Here are the 3 key traits Delayed Gratification: Having the ability to be patient and practice Long-term thinking opposed to short-term gains. Avoiding Groupthink: Having a contrarian mindset and adopting the first-principle approach to problem-solving. Determination: Hustling to