This is the 4th consecutive year that I am updating our net worth on this blog. And as usual, the result surprises on the upside. Cue one of my favourite gifs…

The snowball is finally starting to accumulate, grow bigger and roll faster down the hill.

Our net worth currently stands, at $697,000. This represents an incredible $107,000 increase as compared to 2016.

The main contributor is still the savings from our income ($65,000). The bullish stock market has also contributed significant capital gains ($32,000) while dividends, bond coupons and interest added another ($10,000).

I have also simplified our net worth into 3 main categories for easier visualisation and tracking.

Equities ($252,000)

Local Equities ($190,000): Besides the local stocks in the portfolio, it also includes purchases in our POSB Invest-Saver.

Foreign Equities ($62,000): Comprises Berk B and 4 other HK stocks. This is still a relatively small exposure of …