So part 1 and 2 seem too easy? Alright. You’ve planned to get yourself started and bought into the theory that it’s just the start of cryptocurrency? Or you felt that there’s some magical internet money here for you to grab, and why not grab some?

Now, It’s time to decide your path. In every investment, there’s 3 type of heroes for you to choose.

The Trader The Investor The Punter
Do you enjoy looking at graphs? How about charts and a huge chunk of numbers? Support & Resistance? Indicators and Oscillators? MACD? RSI? Fibonacci Retracement? You know who you are :)

How about those who feel that there’s ample of room for crypto to grow? Those who believe that there will be no more fiat and BTC will probably hit 100,000? Ha. I solved your problem. Now you know who you are!!

Those that like to read from others without doing your …