Glad to have you here at Joyful Dividends! You are reading a blog series on Introduction to Candlesticks. Today, we introduce you to the Long White Candlestick, which may occur as part of a bullish or bearish pattern. If you will like to check out a series of candlesticks for to help you invest profitably, please head over to Basic Candlesticks for a full list! 

Long White CandlestickLong White Candlestick


The body of this candlestick is white and long compared to its shadows. Relative to other candles on the chart, the body should be around three times longer than the average body of the last 5 to 10 candles.

Information Conveyed: 

This basic candlestick signifies strong buying pressure where prices advanced during the day significantly. Buyers were aggressive.

Joyful Dividends Explains: 

This candlestick is generally bullish. The candle can be both part of bullish or bearish patterns.

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