Glad to have you here at Joyful Dividends! You are reading a blog series on Introduction to Candlesticks. Today, we introduce you to the White Marubozu, which represents extreme bullishness. If you will like to check out a series of candlesticks for to help you invest profitably, please head over to Basic Candlesticks for a full list! 

White MarubozuWhite Marubozu


The body of this candlestick is white and longer relative to other candles on the chart. There are no upper and lower shadows on either end.

Information Conveyed: 

In Japanese, Marubozu means “bald head” or “shaved head”. The market opened and closed at the extreme levels of the candle, representing extreme bullishness.

Joyful Dividends Explains: 

The White Marubozu tells us that the opening price was the low of the day, and the closing price was equal to its high. This implies that buyers were in control from the first trade to …