Ok… Now you’ve breeze through the past 3 parts and got yourself mentally prepared. And you want to get started? Alright. Let’s waste no time.

Step 1: Get your wallet ready and make a game plan
Just like your chosen hero, do remember to hatch a plan! If you’re healer, please do not go charging to your enemies! Likewise, if you’re a charger, please do not hide behind a healer >.< 

Ah yea. Just before I forget wallet. There’s many wallets available in the market. You may wish to google more about it. I feel that the safest still, is still Hardware Wallet like Trezor and Ledger which cost $200 and $110 respectively. There’s also software wallet available like Jaxx, Exodus etc. whereby you can download the application onto your desktop and smartphone and that’s where you store you coins! 

Step 2: Fiat to Crypto Exchange
What’s a Fiat-Crypto exchange?