M1 and Starhub are household names with close to 50% of Singaporeans being their customers.

They are also popular stocks among investors. But we know that the telco sector has seen a bit of shake-up recently, with new players emerging – Circles.Life and TPG.

Are M1 and Starhub still good investments? I studied their latest 3Q earnings to find out more.

3Q Earnings Snapshot

Figures obtained from M1 and Starhub Q3 FY17 Earnings Results

M1 managed to eke out a small increase in revenue and EBITDA in 3Q over 2016, with both numbers rising by 1% and 1.3% each. However, Starhub saw a small drop in both: -0.8% and -1.7%.

Both have similar EBITDA margin.

And based on their closing price on 17 Nov (M1 $1.77, Starhub $2.83), M1 is valued lower at TTM PE of 12.3. M1 also enjoys a …