Published on 20/11/2017:

IPO Talk (RES&S Holdings and Mindchamps)

Hong Kong is buzzing with activities in the IPO scene whereby out of the 4 IPOs, all were sizzling hot which have garnered returns of as much as 100 percent (Chinese Literature) on opening day. 3 were spinoffs from Tencent and with the fourth (Razor) having some Singaporean flavor.

Over here in Singapore, we will have 2 IPOs that are going to be launched. So are we going to have the same fantastic returns reflected in Hong Kong? Let’s take a deeper look.

The 2 IPOs that are coming to our shore are:

1) RES&S

2) MindChamps

Here are some short thoughts on these 2 upcoming IPOS:



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It is famous for their Ichiban Boshi chain of restaurants and they have up to 20 brands under their belt. …