So I was reading and interacting with the folks at the freegan community. And obviously like every other thing, there are plus and minus points as well.

Firstly, these are some stuffs that I don’t really like about freegans as a community and freeganism as a practice. It doesn’t mean I’m slamming them or that I’m not going to be involved. It’s like kimchi. I don’t like garlic in general, so I have a love hate relationship with kimchi. I like eating kimchi in general, but I don’t like the garlic flavours in it.
Similarly, for freegans and freeganism, I like some concepts with the whole idea, but there are other things which I don’t like.

Top of the list, I joined the freegan community and learnt about freeganism cos I wanted to reduce my costs. Free stuff, why not right. Ok so my main priority is to get things free. Of course …