With much lower income coupled with higher expenses, there is no cash injection to the portfolio in November. And it showed.

So yes, there was no make-up on. And the portfolio isn’t like my Mrs who continues to thrive without powder, eyeliner and the likes. Left to the vagaries of the market, the portfolio has turned quite ugly this month. The equity portion easily dropped by >1%.

In the end, for the first time this year, month-on-month, the portfolio actually decreased in value. It dropped by $3,000 to reach $425,000.

I guess the good news is that cash is piling up after a big sell and I might have an additional bullet or two if a correction comes round the corner.

Overall Portfolio (Value: $425,000)

1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio
Interestingly, the STI ETF actually did pretty well compared to last month’s update. But it was more than offset by the decline …