Singapore property yields have been on an overall downtrend since the recovery in 2009 from the global financial crisis.

In the depth of the global financial crisis, yields across Singapore were at a historic high of 5.0% in the overall segment, 5.3% in the Mass Market segment and 4.6% in the City and City Fringe segment, as measured by Squarefoot Research.

Fast forward 8 years to 2017 and yields are at a historic low of 3.2% in the overall segment, 3.4% in the Mass Market segment and 3.1% in the City and City Fringe segment.

Singapore property yields

Looking back 15 years, yields in Singapore’s residential market has never been lower.

Take heart that Singapore is not alone, because yields in all real estate asset classes have just been falling and testing new lows.

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REITs, with their main holdings of real …