“Eh I’m going overseas, you want anything from duty-free?” The most common topic that would come up if one of our friends were to come back from their overseas travels. What’s not to love about saving money while enjoying the same quality (especially when they are big ticket items)!

We all know that items sold at duty-free will be 7% cheaper due to the absence of GST and that would mean up to a few hundreds of dollars if you spend wisely! We will be focusing on the most commonly bought duty-free items, Alcohol, Perfume and Makeup.


Before we move into how much you can save, for duty-free newbies out there, here is how many bottles of alcohol you can buy with one passport.

Type Of Alcohol Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Spirits 1 Litre – – Wine 1 Litre 2 Litres 1 Litre Beer 1 Litre …