Dear readers, CROMWELL REIT and NO SIGNBOARD IPO are currently having their IPO (just as how MindChamps and RES have their IPOs last week). Among these two IPOs, which one should investors choose?

While I am not in the position to influence your choice of IPOs, and I do not wish to have this article influence the way you invest; I would just want to share my thinking of these two IPOs.

For CROMWELL REIT, the background is now quite clear. This is an attempt once again for CROMWELL REIT as it exclude some assets like Polish assets from its portfolio of its first attempted listing some time back. CROMWELL REIT is a REIT portfolio with a diversified pan-European portfolio.
As for No Signboard, previously I did a blog post on this IPO here  .

If I were to choose one of the IPO to put my monies, I …