I don’t wish to write too much on Sabana REIT (7.3% dividend yield on my Dividend Stock Tracker).

I believe the saga have been covered adequately by the media. There is a high chance readers where would be aware about it.

The last development is that E-Shang Redwood (ESR), who is the manager of ESR REIT (formerly known as Cambridge Industrial Trust | 6.9% dividend yield), took a 5% substantial stake in Sabana REIT.

Sabana in the mean time went into a strategic review, to find out how best to proceed forward.

As my friend B alluded here and here, there is a high chance that the properties would be realized at higher than fair value. ESR, being the substantial shareholders can trigger an EGM.

This morning, Sabana and ESR REIT provide further clarification that they are not pursuing transaction options anymore.

The strategic …