I never written much about my life with our government forced saving account, our CPF system.

2 weeks ago, one of the reader’s question about how his CPF would compound, reminded me about this.

So why not I just write something so that you can have a coherent idea about my life with CPF.

This article will explore:

  1. The role of My CPF to serve my Life Goals
  2. Why I do not carry out CPF transfers and voluntary top ups
  3. Reasons for not purchasing a property with CPF (and not with cash as well)
  4. My CPF asset allocations and blended rate of return
  5. The possibility of not contributing to my CPF after 39 years old and meeting the CPF full retirement sum, basic retirement sum
  6. Ramblings against common narratives

If you are a young working adult, you can take a look at how uncle Kyith does things. They …