Published on 25/11/2017:

Hot on the heels after the recent 2 successful IPOs (RES&S and Mindchamps), we have the listing of No Signboard Holdings next up for the coming week where they are going to be listed on November 30th (Thursday).

RES&S (IPO price- 0.22) have done very well (Opening at around 0.36) as they were trading closer to Jumbo Holdings valuation on opening as compared to our peer comparison of Japan Food.

However, they ended the trading week at 0.295 which is closer to our fair valuation of 0.28.
As for Mindchamps, we were cautious due to their lofty valuation of around 35x PE based on their listing price of 0.83. They did manage to open at just 84 cents but I guess the market is really in an IPO frenzy. They managed to close the trading day at 92 cents which carried …