May be many folks are too young to know what has happened during pre-AFC days of leverages, margins and CPFIS.

It was those period at your own time, own target and fired. Even Big Daddy caught sleeping with CPFIS!

How could brokers went bankrupt when Parliament was debating on brokers earning higher pay than Ministers?

One broker jumped from Shenton Way’s high building!

How could DBS fail?

One secondary principal did home mortgage to supercharge his investment in DBS. Hoot tua tua. Never waste a crisis. But; DBS kept going down and he went bankrupt. He lost his landed property and lost his job too!

Folks like Uncle8888 who lived through AFC and seeing one of his own relatives nearly bankrupt to shares financing – pledge your shares to supercharge and pledge new shares and re-supercharge. Hoot tua tua! So many doing it! Why scare?

In Chinese saying. Lose until mad! Hard to understand why? …