A few days ago, I accompanied my mum to do some grocery shopping at Cold Storage. As we were picking some fruits, we bumped into an auntie who is a neighbour and a good friend of ours. Both “aunties” decided to shop together while I tagged along as their “assistant”.

Here’s how their conversation went:

Mum: “Look at these apples. They are so nice and fresh.”

Auntie: “Hai lor (a typical Cantonese expression for agreement), all the fruits here look so good. It’s the same with the meat and vegetables. In fact, everything here looks so much better than the ones at Giant. That’s why I like to come here to shop although I find the prices here are slightly more expensive!”

Mum: “Same here! I like Cold Storage better than Giant. After all, the place here is well air-conditioned, cleaner, and has more imported goods for …