Earlier this week, I received an email from a reader. This 26-year-old’s story is inspiring, and also led me to contemplate on my own life goals. I sought his permission to share his story here and believe that it would benefit other readers, both long time and new.

Hello Ms Niao,

I stumbled onto your blog when I was researching ILPs few days ago, after having been proposed the policy. I decided against that ILP, since it does not fit into my long-term goals. I have been reading your (engaging & light-hearted) financial journey from start to current. I’m impressed and inspired by the action steps you took to achieve your financial goals. I do hope you achieve financial freedom by choice.

A little about myself:

1) I turn 26 this year, having graduated last year.
2) I was born with a disability, requiring treatment over the long-term …