This post is an update on my crypto investment. I only have QASH and ETH tokens in my crypto portfolio so far. See my previous post for how QASH ICO triggered my first step into the crypto world.

It’s has been about a week after QASH is listed on Quoinex (Fiat to crypto exchange) and Qryptos (Crypto to crypto exchange), both platforms operated by Quoine, and it was crazzzzy…. I’m not sure if this is beginner’s luck, but the price of QASH had doubled in a week!!!!

This has never happened to me before during my 2 years of stocks investment journey. The closest was about a year’s wait for Colex to generate 100% returns (including dividends). Well 1 week and 1 year…. pretty close I’d say…Hahaha.

Having experience an ICO first hand and looking at the crypto currency market now, I can’t help but feel that there is a crypto …