Last Friday was an exciting day for me as I joined the parents of 38,942 primary six students who had their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) results released on Black Friday.

The PSLE result experience

It was done in the school hall where all the pupils sat in lines on the floor. Their equally-anxious parents were seated behind at the back of the hall.

Before my elder daughter joined her classmates, I reassured her that I would be proud of her regardless of her PSLE score, and my love for her would not change.

When the clock struck eleven, the big screen showed a presentation titled “PSLE Celebration” instead of “PSLE Result”.

To the school, PSLE result is team effort and school achievement for celebration. However, to the parents and their children, PSLE result is a personal matter. Whether they can celebrate or not depends on the result of individuals.

The …