I always thought applying for a BTO was hard, until I try IPOs! $6 for 3 tries but did not get any! Even though we did not get any shares from the public tranche, we decided to purchase MindChamps from the market and hold it long term because we believe that parents are willing to spend money on their children to give them the best. So I place an order before the market open at $0.84 but did not get any (not sure why). I continued to chase (kept modifying the order) the price and finally got in at $0.875 for 5000 units. MindChamps went on to close at $0.92!
On Monday (27th November), MindChamps closes at $0.96 which means it was trading at a PE of 43x! However, the next day, MOE releases a news –
MOE kindergarten kids get priority admission to co-located primary schools from next year which would