Equity: SUTL Enterprise Limited (SGX: BHU)
Business: Marina Development and Management
Markets exposed: Mainly Asia Pacific
Stock exchange: SGX
Purchase price: 0.701 (including transaction costs)
Purchase month: November
10% per annum thesis: 
SUTL Enterprise has the potential to be a fast growing multi-bagger should they execute their business strategy right.
SUTL Enterprise is best known as the owner and operator of ONE°15 Marina Club located at Sentosa Cove, Singapore. Their business expansion model is premised on a two-pronged approach – marina owner-operator and marina manager.
My friend Eric had done some amazing research on SUTL Enterprise which I highly recommend interested investors to read. You may find the article here or look up his profile in InvestingNote @OngEric.
Rather than attempting to rejig Eric’s great piece of work (and embarrassing myself in the process), I will simply highlight my twin thesis in this post.
Twin Thesis:

1) High Growth Potential