How healthy are Singaporeans? The average Singaporean’s probability of dying from respiratory disease, cancer, heart disease or diabetes is at 10.1% More than 1 in 10 Singaporeans are obese. Singaporeans who are obese have a higher probability of diabetes and heart disease. 16.3% of Singaporeans smoke, and smokers are three times more likely to get stroke and heart attacks.

source: Mount Elizabeth

There is no need to further emphasize the importance of healthy living, especially when the cost of Singapore’s medical bill is off the roof.

Unable to afford gym memberships that cost me an arm and a leg, I did a little bit of research fitness programmes that do not require me to break my bank.

Yoga Places in Singapore that cost less than S$25 per session

Some of the health benefits of Yoga are:

improves flexibility perfects posture Improves blood circulation Boosts immunity Lower risk of heart attack Lowers