Our portfolio shrank by -1.86% to $281,122 – $3,434.19 of capital injection and -$8,761.19 of  capital growth/reduction. We enjoyed a $9,925.66 of capital growth in October 2017 and that has disappeared faster than expected. In short, the decrease is due to the property stocks retracing back to the previous level.

– MindChamps (5,000 units) @ $0.9

I blogged about MindChamps in the previous article – What’s Harder than BTO? IPO. Our initial plan was to hold it for the long term but due to a change in government policy, we decided to put a stop loss and the stop loss was eventually triggered. It was still a decent profit for about 5 days – $104.11 (+2.4%) and an annualized return of +454.5%!

– MindChamps (5,000 units) @ $0.875
– Capitaland (1,000 units) @ $3.53

We decided to buy more Capitaland when the majority of the property stock price decreases last month. Capitaland is the largest local developer …