Dear readers, yesterday I highlighted one oversold blue-chip STI stock. It is none other than ST Engineering stock. ST Engineering stock which closed at $3.25 yesterday is currently oversold and its price has reached a price last seen in Feb 2017. Before you think it’s a good entry point now to enter into ST Engineering, let us review the fundamentals of this stock.
1) Dividend yield: 4.62%

2) P/E ratio: 19.61

3) 52-weeks low: $3.21

4) Temasek Holdings stake: 50.83%

5) Consensus target price: $3.74 (which implies a potential 15% capital appreciation)

As usual, the above statistics alone do not make for a holistic assessment for investing. Perhaps, interested investors may want to find out what causes ST Engineering stock to head south this year so as to deduce whether fundamentals have changed for this stock. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial …