Hello everyone, I am James here, founder of SmallCapAsia.com.

Welcome to our 1st ever podcast in My Two Cents Series where we reached out to prominent financial bloggers for a short Q&A.

Today I have the honour of inviting Collin over for a short interview.

Collin Seow’s Profile Collin Seow is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) who holds a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. He has been awarded the Top 10 Achievers in PhillipCFD for many consecutive years and he is also a reputable trainer with long standing-record. Given his vast experience in trading, he is often sought after to speak at numerous prestigious conference such as Shares Investment Conference, Shareinvestor Carnival, Investor Wealth Summit and more. Collin is the proud inventor of a stock trading algorithm/software known as “TradersGPS”. Recently, he has authored his own book titled “The Systematic Trader”, that details his journey and methods on turning …