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My experience with Frasers Centrepoint Trust (FCT) since 2013 has been a fruitful one. It may be timely now to review what is the actual return.

For an investment with cash dividends at different dates, plus my several purchases, IRR is a suitable measurement  as it takes into account actual out and inflow of cash.

FCT Share Price Performance since May 2013

In this period, FCT’s highest price was around $2.35 in May 2013. It dropped 30% to around $1.65 in early 2014, due to initial news on Fed’s tapering of QE. Subsequently, it had major drop in 4Q 2015 (around 17%) and 4Q 2016 (around 14%).

Actual IRR Based on Actual Lump Sum Investments
I bought 3 batches of FCT in Sept 2013, Oct 2013, and Oct 2014, and have been holding them till now with no sales.

Here is a screenshot of the …