The Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS) provides another avenue for CPF members to invest their OA and SA savings. At the time of writing, this scheme is not in operation but soon will be.

LRIS is meant to simplify investment choice for CPF members. Although the CPFIS has good intentions (to provide members with a wider range of investment options), the take-up rate under this scheme has been dismal. For example, as of Q3, 2017, only 1,252 members were CPFIS investors. Their total investment amounted to only $22 billion, a paltry sum compared to the aggregate OA and SA balance of $215 billion. Thus, many members prefer to leave their money with the CPF Board than invest it for higher returns. This is a pity because properly invested, CPF savings can be a valuable source of retirement income. In particular, asset classes like equities provide higher average returns than cash, a