With Singles Day & Black Friday shopping plus a vacation to account for, it’s not surprising for us to have spent more than $6,000 this month. But well, this is somewhat expected as we haven’t really held back in our spending recently.

Besides busting the year’s budget, it also appears that it’s impossible to keep within $50,000 for 2017 too. And I reckon a better estimate of our average expenditure is now $4,500 rather than $4,000.

That’s a significant increase but we can easily live with that going forward. In fact, some increases in expenses is pretty much inevitable since we are already coasting to FI.

Eating Out: $553.60

Hawker ($75.20) – Only 9 entries since there was a week we weren’t in town. And we spent an average of $8 each time.

Fast Food ($13) – 1 Mac meal each at SAFRA Punggol where we get to enjoy …