Earlier this week, Great Eastern decided to relaunch its GREAT205 after receiving overwhelming response for it during September 2017. Heartland Boy’s insurance agent immediately buzzed him about this piece of great news. That is because he had previously missed the narrow window to sign up for it during September as he was still working in Jakarta.  Not to pass up on a good offer at the second time of asking, Heartland Boy decided to sign up for the GREAT205 this week. Here are the reasons why he signed up for the Great Eastern GREAT205 using his SRS funds.

What is Great Eastern GREAT205?

Great Eastern GREAT205 is a 3-year single premium, non-participating endowment plan. To break the complex jargon down, it essentially means the following:

  • Consumers will invest a lump sum premium into the policy at the beginning
  • As GREAT205 does not participate in the fund performances of Great …