Reader says…
I am now 44. my SA is about 100k now.

My MA has reached BHS.

I am thinking of transferring some OA to SA to reach FRS.

I understand that I can’t VC anymore to SA.

Now what happens with monthly mandatory contributions?

Will all my monthly MC all go to OA?

So does this mean that once SA reaches FRS, there is no other way to grow SA other than the interest earned within SA?

If now, my monthly MC is all going to OA, what else can I do with the faster growing OA to grow my overall CPF funds?

I feel that I want to work smart to build up my nest egg before I hit 55.

I only have 11 years of doing this.

I should have done it much earlier.

AK says…
Your SA has $100K and this is below the prevailing FRS, you can continue to Top Up your SA using cash …