We are now in December of 2017. How time flies. With all the dividends and coupons in at this time of the year, it would be nice to make a wrap- up of my finances for the year.

  1. Stock Investing

This is the year where I started to be more active in stocks, and be more vested in them. Some sales and purchases were made, and Genting which I have been holding and staying in the red for a period of time, was sold once it was profitable.

These transaction exercises simply highlighted my “kiasuism”, being so afriad to lose. Realize that I have been selling the counters once they are profitable, but on the contrary, and then holding on to those that are in the red. Well, for now, though I still have no urge to sell those counters that are in red (Kingsmen Creative, PEC and M1).

Nonetheless, in terms of performance, dividends is at …