It’s been a very very busy period for me, and I’m juggling many balls at once. So I shall take the easy way out and just cut and paste my options transactions in the past 2 months.

Anyway, I am also genuinely interested to know what’s the cashflow like for the past 2 months. I track each transaction, but haven’t been tabulating on a monthly basis and comparing to prior months, like what I have done previously:

A Unique Arbitrage Situation + Results From Options Strategy (3rd Month)

Geo Vs GEAR! + Options Update

As mentioned previously, I’ve also been more cautious, preferring to skip some premiums that I deem risky, while increasing my cash buffer. I haven’t tabulated the monthly cashflow even as I’m typing this, but my gut feel is that it’d be a substantial drop from the previous USD $16k or so every month.

Also, just to …