9 Key Takeaways From Seedly’s Year-End Party

To end the year 2017 on a high, Seedly Personal Finance Community had our year-end party over at SGX Academy. The topic of Passive Investing was picked by our community members through a Facebook poll.  Given that the Community’s wish is our command, we went on to get in touch with experienced speakers who are well-versed in the topic.

We managed to invite James Yeo from SmallCapAsia and Alvin Chow from DrWealth to share their knowledge with our community and below are the highlights of it.

1) Common misconceptions Insurance = Financial Planning

Insurance alone is not a full spectrum of financial planning. While insurance is actively being pushed out to consumers, personal finance goes way beyond just getting insurance alone.

Personal finance is not for me. It is only for the financially trained.

Personal finance is for everyone, no matter your