Do you hate mathematics when you’re studying in school? Maybe.
Investment is all about mathematics and numbers? Not really.
Is investment really so difficult? Well, not that, but this is up to yourself to determine :)

What a mess here?
Let’s play with some equations today.
And some simple equations forward.

High reward, short time = High risk
High reward, low risk = Long time
Short time, low risk = Low reward

Looks pretty simple? Don’t worry, it revolves around this few constants.

So how to deal with it? Frankly speaking, the answer varies pretty much for the different situation.

High Reward + Short time = High Risk

So you want a high reward in a short time frame? You will need an extremely volatile market in order for that to happen. With an extremely volatile market, you will be exposed to a greater risk and prices are bound to swing and bounce up and down. If it …