So today, Saturday, 16 Dec 2017.

I haven’t dumpster dived in a week or so. So I thought to myself. How about I try to do my 4th dumpster dive. Just a quick one. Just 3 blocks of flats, around 6 big dumpsters and any items left around the lift lobby. This should maybe take only 30-45 minutes.

​I wonder how much I could find in a short time frame. I intentionally set a short time frame to see how much I could find with only 3 blocks of flats.

So I went through and picked up some of the usual boring stuff.
Grass tiles, 10-12 pieces… I couldn’t really determine the exact count.
2 fairly usable bags which I selected.

I even gave away a nice Nike bag to an Indian cleaner. I was looking through the trash and pulling out the Nike bag, and he was looking at me, then I smiled at …