​Today, I received a couple of comments by reader Cheryl.

​I was pretty stunned by this. 
I mean… The audacity to ask for free stuff. Like I had to lug all these stuff and dig through the trash for all these. And I even had to walk through the rain on one occasion.
These are all my precious treasures.
I have already even listed the foam tiles on Carousel for sale. 
I make only around 30¢ – 50¢ per day for running this blog.
The items aren’t even listed on my giveaway page.
Like, in what world do you live in that you can just openly ask for over $200 worth of retail value of stuff?
You’re supposed to go and obtain them for yourself!!!

​You see. The only world that such actions are acceptable are in the freegan world.

For now I freely receive and thus, I also freely give.

I had intended to sell the items, but I am …